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Sweet Stuff

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle!"

7 years ago.

I wanna go someplace
Where everyone wins
Cause i've lost all my friends
Since they got brand new eyes
They don't look at me the same
It's anyone's guess. Where I went wrong
Now i'm the only one
Who's thinking back...


7 years ago... 7 years in the making
But we're always taking for granted
the hands that fed us full.
10 miles left to go, time is healing nothing
only a matter of numbers
That won't make us right.

Eu não sei como é possível alguém escrever algo assim,


But i'm gonna make it through HEY HEY HEY
I'm just tired
So don't push me
There's more than enough room
For a sad song or two


There was a beginning
to the story
But I don't remember, i don't remember
There was a reason
Something we wanted
and i'm not backing down til i get it.


20 years ago 20 years in the making
weel, I know the highway better than I know myself
In a few years I hope I settle into
The big idea that i can't live for anyone else.


And i'm gonna make it through HEY HEY HEY
I'm just tired
So don't push me
There's still more room for a sad song or two.


I'm carrying bricks around my neck
I can't keep my head up
Cant' see too far ahead
I can't keep my head up
It's like carrying bricks around my neck
To make you remember
It's like digging up the dead
Cause you won't remember


How we got here. Why we are here.


When you finally decide it's worth the pain
I'm here. I never went anywhere.
Growing older, I never throught that I
Would look back and not regret a thing.

PS: Agora já são mais de sete anos mas nunca mais será a mesma coisa. Um dia destes ainda dedico um post só a este assunto.


Sonhadora a tempo inteiro & blogger em part-time. Adora livros, antiguidades e flores na cabeça. Escreve textos pseudo-românticos quando está para aí virada. É fã de dançar ballet na cozinha e cantar no chuveiro. O seu pé direito insiste em ser torto e não há como o emendar. Nunca diz que não a uma chávena de chá.
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