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Neste blog fala-se sobre livros, escrita criativa, ballet para adultos e muito mais.

Interview With Charlotte King

E para acabar a semana em grande venho-vos mostrar aquilo que já tenho preparado há algum tempo: uma entrevista com a blogger Charlotte Eliza King!

A Charlotte tem um blog de fotografia maravilhoso e eu decidi entrevistá-la.

Vamos ver como correu?

1. Why did you decided to create a blog?

During my A levels I started documenting my photography coursework on a blog rather than in a sketchbook and then ended up making a personal one. I used to read and follow a lot of photography, fashion and art blogs so I liked the idea of having my own.


2. What does photography means to you?

It is a way of documenting life and the industry I want to work in. I think photography and art are so closely related although photography can be very commercial it can be so lovely too.


3. You take a lot of wonderful pictures that you post in your blog. Which camera(s) do you use?

I normally work in film. For 35mm I usually use a Praktica MTL3 or disposables and sometimes a Diana Mini. For 120 I either use my Holga or I have a really old 6’9, which is lovely. I also love using Polaroid’s. For Digital I have just saved up for a Canon 5D so want to start working more with that. 


4. Do you prefer digital or analog photography? Why?

Analogue. There is something much more rewarding about making a beautiful image from film. Digital is too easy and just does not have the same qualities. Printing in the dark room is so much nicer too.


5. Name some of your favorite photographers:

Francesca Woodman, Lina Sceynius, Susan Derges, Juergen Teller, Amber Ortolano and Deborah Turbeville are a few of my current favourites. There are so many amazing photographers out there.


6. About fashion, how would you define your style?

Oh god, messy? At the moment I am just living in black jeans, Chelsea boots and some form of charity shop blouse and cardigan combination. I love pretty floral dresses too.


7. In your spare time, you would most likely be found...

Either stuck on my laptop, in the pub or in a charity shop at home in Bristol or wandering around and exploring Brighton where I am currently living.


8. Most of the girls care a lot about the way they look. What about you, do you have any beauty routine? If so, what products do you use?

I am so bad at taking my make up off before bed let alone having a beauty routine. I do not really even brush my hair either, now I just sound like a tramp ha.


9. 2013 has just begun, do you have any special wish for this year?

I have a few exciting projects lined up and I want to really focus on university work. I also hope to travel in the summer if I have enough money.


10. And finally, which advice would you give for someone who wants to start a blog?

Just do it, starting is the hard part. Also try and keep at it, for a while it will feel like no one is interacting but all blogs take time to develop. 

Thank you for your lovely answers Charlotte!


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